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This week I would like you to meet featured founder, Anna Victoria. She is the founder of Fit Body App. The health and fitness app launched in January 2018; then in 2019, Apple featured it in their “Apps We Love” section. Since then it has become one of 2019’s best fitness apps. Just because numbers are impressive…when Apple featured the Fit Body App in the “Apps We Love” section it generated over 1 million impressions within 24 hours!

I am really excited to share her story with you because of how relatable it is to each of us. In fact, Anna’s journey is one that we can all replicate today. Within a 2-year period Anna grew an email list of close to 1 million people, and most of them were because they purchased something from her. This episode is an opportunity to learn from someone who has done amazing things with creating a community and understanding how to deliver real value so they keep coming back.

If you are wondering how her story is relatable to you, especially if you aren’t in the fitness industry; fitness was never a part of her life until her “aha moment” in 2012, where it all started to come together for her. The lesson? Your “aha moment” can come at any time. What you do with it, that’s simply part of your story. Oh, and fitness wasn’t the only thing that was new to Anna, so was entrepreneurship. Let’s find out how her journey began, this is Anna Victoria’s startup story.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Her early childhood, growing up with her father and learning an important life lesson that would serve her well later, “Don’t be a salesman, don't try to sell people.”
  • About her first job after high school in sales, taking her father’s advice to heart, and prioritizing the needs of customers and offering them beneficial solutions
  • How at a young age she had no real concept of what she wanted to do with her life
  • The importance of seizing opportunities when they arise, for Anna it included going to community college in Sacramento, soon after moving to San Diego, getting into University of San Diego, studying abroad in Rome, moving to China (that’s just to name a few)
  • How working out or eating healthy was not a part of her life and how and why that all changed in 2012
  • Her research on how to live a healthy lifestyle that's balanced and why she still hated living ‘healthy’
  • Starting her Instagram account as an anonymous user, growing it to about 250,000 followers in 6 months, then finally posting the first photo of herself and what happened next, all the while she still did not have any plans to launch a business or app
  • And turning a corner: monetizing her Instagram page, launching an ebook, moving to a new Instagram account and essentially ‘starting over’
  • Building a community of encouragement and accountability and launching the Fit Body Guide in 2015, and how that led to the creation of the Fit Body App
  • Realizing that many times opportunities come from seeing a need that you have and addressing that need first

“Don’t try to sell people. Just talk to people, figure out what they need, and provide them with solutions.”
—Anna Victoria, Fit Body App

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Fit Body App (use code: STARTUPSTORY for 20% off the already discounted price): https://bodylove.com/

Fit Body App for iPhone
Fit Body App for Android

Anna Victoria on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annavictoria/
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Special Guest: Anna Victoria.

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September 10 2019
Anna Victoria, founder of Fit Body App

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