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My guest this week is Betsy Fore, co-founder of Tiny Organics. For those that might not be aware of Tiny Organics, they are an early childhood nutrition company that focuses on introducing our little ones to their first 100 flavors to kickstart a lifelong health oriented palate. In fact, Betsy says that Tiny Organics mission is to help shift the palate or our children from being sweet oriented to savory oriented. As a dad, what I heard when she described her startup this way was “Tiny Organics is going to help raise less picky kids!”

Betsy, and her co-founder Sofia, recently announced their $11 million series A so in the coming months you are truly going to see some big things out of Tiny Organics.

Betsy’s journey to Tiny Organics is incredibly diverse as it starts on a Tribal reservation and travels through the toy-making industry. Like I’ve said many times, the entrepreneurial journey is incredibly diverse.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How her indigenous roots have played a role in how she seeks to serve all those she engages.
  • The relevance that toy making has to childhood nutrition.
  • How an unsuccessful pet hardware startup provided some necessary data points for a future nutrition initiative.
  • What Betsy wants to do to bring increased visibility to other indigenous founders.
  • How we, as parents, can capitalize on the 4-7 month window in our child’s development, to increase the desirability of nutritious foods.

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September 28 2021
Betsy Fore, co-founder of Tiny Organics

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