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No start-up story follows a direct path. There are often many twists and turns along the way. These varied experiences train and equip entrepreneurs to eventually achieve success. This is especially true for Chelsie Lee.

Chelsie is the CEO and co-founder of Shipsi, a delivery technology platform that allows retailers to offer same-day and scheduled delivery without managing any of the logistics. They help retailers adapt their businesses to meet the Amazon-level expectations of consumers. After just two and a half years, Shipsi has over one million drivers who serve over 850 cities. But, like with any good start-up story, this didn’t happen overnight. It was a lifetime in the making and Chelsie shares that story with us today.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • How Chelsie’s childhood (and especially her grandma) shaped her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Why and how she pivoted to technology.
  • How to balance having accurate data and not getting too deep into the weeds.
  • The catalyst for thought for the idea of Shipsi.
  • How she strategically worked on both the driver and retail side.
  • The decision points before they went public.
  • How she avoided having a mindset of desperation.

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July 21 2020
Chelsie Lee, founder of Shipsi
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