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I’d like you to meet Danielle Salinas, Co-founder of Maison de Papillon. Maison de Papillon is Danielle’s 2nd venture and it started when she lost her sleep mask during her trip at the London Olympics. Yes, you read that correctly and that is what I love about The Startup Story. Our businesses are birthed out of a need in our lives, yet pivot as we learn more about where the opportunities really lie.

Maison de Papillon is not a sleep mask company but is a luxury clothing line with reach in most of the globally recognized resort brands, like Four Seasons.

In this episode, Danielle gets incredibly vulnerable and shares her story openly and honestly. Her journey includes the loss of a son, something that many of us will never have to process. But for those of you that have, you may just find some encouragement through Danielle’s transparency. Today you will also hear just how incredibly hard one’s journey can be, but it is far from impossible. This is Danielle Salinas’s startup story.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Danielle’s upbringing in one of the poorest regions in South Texas, her long lineage of entrepreneurs, and how her father instilled boldness and empowerment for her pursuits
  • How her father instilled in her to go to college and get a long term career, how she deviated from that plan when at the age of 18 she got married and decided to start a family first
  • About how after three months of motherhood and marriage, she realized she couldn’t do it anymore and started a new life, with her son, working in a pharmacy and going to school
  • Some advice for single moms trying to start a business venture of their own
  • The story of the loss of her second son and how it was such a difficult time in her life and also how it helped her put into perspective what was important
  • The catalyst for her first entrepreneurial venture (a dentistry practice) with her second husband
  • How the Olympics of 2012 and the need for a night mask led to the start of her second (and current)venture, a high-end fashion business called Maison de Papillon
  • The launch of Maison de Papillon, learning to work in the fashion industry, trials, tribulations, and successes along the way

“Do not let anyone tell you that you are not able to accomplish your goals and dreams. It might be hard, but it is absolutely possible!”
—Danielle Salinas, Maison de Papillon

Resources from this episode

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielle-salinas-9b2a165b
Maison de Papillon: https://www.maisondepapillon.com/

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Special Guest: Danielle Salinas.

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July 23 2019
Danielle Salinas, founder of Maison de Papillon
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