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This week’s featured founder has a remarkable story and provides powerful inspiration for other entrepreneurs. Today I welcome Darbie Angell, creator/designer/founder of Darbie Angell, a brand icon and maker of bold and fashionable dinnerware.

Darbie started her company without a single contact in the industry. While she was working at one of the largest law firms in the country she went into labor with her daughter when she was five months pregnant. It was then that Darbie was put on bed rest for four months, and while on bed rest, she decided that she wanted to start a company by combining her passion to impact the world with her knowledge in design. The real startup story of Darbie Angell is that Darbie wanted to show her soon-to-be daughter how to dare to dream big!

Darbie’s company was started under very unusual circumstances - on bed rest, without the support of her ex-husband, with no business mentoring, and with no initial capital to fund her business. However, her passion and her purpose - her “why” - fueled her, and she refused to let fear hold her back. As she says, “You have to be willing to face your fear and find your way through it.” That’s exactly what she did. This is Darbie Angell’s captivating startup story.

In this episode, you will hear

  • How being involved in many things teaches you that it’s okay to fail and how important it is to teach our children that lesson as well
  • How you can never let fear hold you back from your dreams
  • What it’s like to deal with different cultures in business and be a woman in business
  • What challenges she faced as a female founder but also the blessings, and the importance of choosing your “circle”
  • That no matter what is happening or failing around you, you must go do what you feel you are being called to do
  • How her factory in Bangladesh is changing the lives of thousands of people and the amazing positive impact it is having on their lives
  • That persistence pays off when you are trying to get yourself in front of the people you need to meet to move forward with your business
  • That it is most important to trust your gut and learn how to face your fears
  • If you have doubts, reconnect with what your passion is, then your reason/driver will keep you focused on your path

Resources from this episode

Connect with Darbie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darbie-angell-33667729/
Darbie Angell on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darbieangell
Darbie Angell website: https://darbieangell.com/

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Special Guest: Darbie Angell.

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April 16 2019
Darbie Angell, founder of Darbie Angell
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