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Meet Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. Beardbrand works to bring high-quality products to beardsmen. And, in case you could not tell from my podcast cover art, I am not a beardsman. So how did Eric and his company appear on my radar? I discovered Beardbrand because they were a featured success story during a series of commercials during the most recent World Series. Aside from the exposure they received from the World Series commercials, Eric was also on Shark Tank, where he did not get an offer from the sharks, but he did get a flattering beard rub from one of them.

When I approached Beardbrand to feature Eric, I wasn't sure what to expect. I soon discovered Beardbrand was a business grounded on its principles, and crystal clear about who they are as entrepreneurs and what they want to be as a brand. Eric graciously accepted, and well, here we are!

My key takeaway from my time with Eric was the power of clarity. Whether it is clarity of who you are as an entrepreneur, as a person, or as an organization, you need to be crystal clear on that truth. As you gain clarity, you can then navigate the road ahead in a manner that is in full alignment of your vision and purpose. Take the time to find your clarity.

Eric's startup story is one that I am sure will broaden your perspective of what a successful business is or could be. Like all founders featured on this podcast, we need to understand how Eric's story began. This is Eric Bandholdz's startup story.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • His early childhood, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and his desire to be a truck drive or racecar drive as a child
  • How as Eric got older, into his teenage years, he knew he wanted to be in business, in particular, he wanted to work in sales
  • His journey graduating from college with a degree in marketing and management, then getting a job out of college at Dell Computer
  • About his transition from Dell into financial advisement
  • How and why Eric stepped away from financial advisement and what ultimately led to his first venture and later to Beardbrand
  • His first venture, Sovereignty, and how it was his first project that made more than $200
  • How Eric came up with the concept for Beardbrand
  • Beardbrand's start: how he spent the first few years building community, the starting point mission, and startup phase
  • Beardbrand as an individual driven company, supporting the individual and recognizing we are all different
  • About the time, the New York Times did an article on Eric's company and how it was the entryway into the box business.
  • Some of the challenges of an e-commerce business and the consumer acquisition side of running an e-commerce site
  • Entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs and BeardBrand's collaboration with ShipStation
  • The impact on the company as a result of Eric’s appearance on Shark Tank
  • Eric answers the question, "Can anyone be an entrepreneur?"

“Life isn’t easy and we all have our own adversity. Yet, part of the journey is to recognize that you are here to make a specific mark on this world and in the lives of those around you.” – Eric Bandholz – Beardbrand

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Special Guest: Eric Bandholz.

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April 14 2020
Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand

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