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As you may already know, The Startup Story is a new podcast. And if you are an avid podcast listener, then you know that the production quality of many new podcasts can be...well, less than stellar. But what you probably have noticed is that the production quality of this podcast is really good. And that’s not because of pure luck. The reason the production quality is so good is due to our incredible sponsor MovoCash and its founder, Eric Solis. Because of their sponsorship, we are able to enlist the aid of top notch podcast producers. But I am not here to talk to you today about podcast production, instead I am thrilled to introduce you to Eric Solis, founder of MovoCash. Today, you will get to hear his startup journey.

Eric’s journey is one that illustrates the incredible heights and the dark depths that an entrepreneur experiences. In this episode, you will hear just how important it is to not go forward alone. Plus, you will find encouragement in the fact that some incredible opportunities can come when you are at your lowest and most vulnerable, as long as you keep going!

Eric’s story is one rooted in humble beginnings, which resulted in a, “go and get it for myself,” mindset. Even at a young age, he was determined to not be limited by life’s circumstances. This is Eric Solis’ startup story.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Eric’s early childhood, growing up in a low-middle class family and what it taught him about being tough
  • How his entrepreneurial mindset formed early on, through lawn mowing, painting fences, and doing whatever he could to make money to afford the things he wanted
  • The emotional and pivotal moment that occurred between Eric and his mother (who owned a clothing storefront at the time) and how it led him to become involved in many concepts of business
  • Being told No, time and again, and how Eric still continued to pursue his dreams in the broker industry and persevered
  • Working at a brokerage firm, then breaking away and starting his own firm; competing successfully with firms on Wall Street
  • How and when he realized that helping rich people get richer wasn't the burning call deep within his gut and the beginnings of the MovoCash concept
  • About the time when everything that had worked stopped working in an instant and how Eric dealt with it all
  • The makings of MovoCash, what the company does and how it helps people, plus why Eric thinks of Movo as a lifestyle

Resources from this episode

Our Sponsor, Movocash: https://www.thestartupstory.co/MovoCash
Connect with Eric Solis on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericsolis/
Download Movocash today for iOS or Android by visiting https://movo.cash/

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Special Guest: Eric Solis.

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February 26 2019
Eric Solis, founder of Movocash

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