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In today’s episode, Esti Chazanow shares her start-up story. She brings a unique perspective to the show because this is the first husband-wife co-founding team we’ve had. During our conversation, Esti explains the strong entrepreneurial influence her husband had on her. He helped her understand that the skills she’d developed in her early career were exactly what she needed to come alongside her husband and bring their brand to the market.

Esti and her husband are the co-founders of LIV Watches, a direct to consumer Swiss-made watch brand. They launched their very first watch on Kickstarter and from there went on to repeat that launch cycle four times, generating over $8 million. Esti’s journey from the corporate world to starting a business with her husband shows us again how diverse every entrepreneurial journey is. Tune in to hear all about it.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • How growing up with 16 siblings made Esti who she is today.
  • What traveling so extensively in her formative years taught Esti about the world.
  • How the combination of Esti’s and her husband’s unique gifts led to the development of LIV Watches.
  • Why those who purchase their watches are called fans and ambassadors, not customers.
  • What the early days of launching LIV Watches on Kickstarter were like.
  • What the LIV Design Challenge is and Esti’s objective in creating it.
  • Why Esti and her husband continued to go back to Kickstarter.
  • The greatest challenges Esti and her husband faced in launching and growing LIV Watches to where it is today.
  • The importance of human communication skills in business.
  • What Esti hopes LIV Watches will become.
  • Why businesses must be completely authentic.

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July 07 2020
Esti Chazanow, co-founder of LIV Watches
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