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Our guest today is James Fratzke, co-founder of Fratzke Media. Fratzke Media is a digital marketing consultancy based in Southern California. What piqued my interest in Fratzke Media was that James and his brother are identical twins. That said…it was not long into our conversation that I realized James’s startup story is much deeper than the fact that his co-founder is his twin.

What I appreciated most about James’s story was how well he articulated the challenges that come from comparison to those around you. The complexities and benefits of being raised by entrepreneurs, and the importance of looking out for family at all times. I think that last point is a unique byproduct that comes from co-founding with your family. The entrepreneurial journey will sometimes lead us to a place where the only people around us to help are those closest to us…and oftentimes that is our family.

In this episode, you will hear what James thinks about seeking validation and affirmation from those around you and how you respond to their reactions. You will also learn the importance of staying focused and how it is key for any small business in the first few years of growth. I hope you find James’s story of value and benefit to you. And now, here is James Fratzke’s startup story.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • James’s entrepreneurial origin story, how his mom was a visionary and his dad was a hard worker, watching his parents succeed and fail in their business ventures and when he first had aspirations to become a business owner
  • His time with Disney and Brandify and when he began thinking of what his own venture might be
  • His transition from employee to entrepreneur and then later, co-founding Fratzke Media with his twin brother
  • The difference between agency and consultancy
  • What Fratzke Media does, who they serve, and how they help
  • The importance of staying focused and not letting the outside noise come in
  • Understanding that if any decision you make forces you to go into debt, you should think long and hard about that decision

“I can be a visionary to a fault. I need to be intentional with staying focused.”
—James Fratzke, Fratzke Media

Resources from this episode

Connect with James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesfratzke
Fratzke Media: https://www.fratzkemedia.com/

Book Recommendation:
Daring Greatly: https://amzn.to/2JuXWy5

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Special Guest: James Fratzke.

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July 16 2019
James Fratzke, co-founder of Fratzke Media
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