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My guest this week is Jeff Abrams, founder and Creative Director of Rails. For those that might not be aware of what Rails is what product they provide, allow me to enlighten you.

Rails is a global lifestyle clothing brand that has an incredibly robust women’s and men’s collection. The brand started in 2008 with just a $5,000 investment and Jeff has since grown Rails into a brand that is sold in over 40 countries through 1,500 retail partners. Since 2008, Rails has surpassed half a billion in revenue and accumulated some massively popular celebrity fans like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Gisele, and many more. In fact, his first celebrity fan was Matthew McConaughey…but I will let Jeff share that story.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The exact steps he took to bring Rails to market and how he secured his first 40 retail partners
  • His strategy for expanding his product catalog
  • How he managed capital to keep Rails bootstrapped
  • Why he thinks brick & mortar retail stores are a necessary channel even with a robust web presence
  • How he kept going in the face of repeated rejection

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September 21 2021
Jeff Abrams, founder of Rails

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