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Creative geniuses are wired differently than the rest of us. Though many of the guests on the show readily do so, most creatives don’t even see themselves as entrepreneurs. This can cause a crisis in identity. I want to bring authenticity and transparency to the entrepreneurial journey so you have a complete picture of how nonlinear it truly is. That is why I brought Jeff Rogers on to tell his startup story.

Jeff Rogers is the founder of Howdy Jeff, a creative agency that focuses on typographical illustrations. He demonstrates how incredibly diverse entrepreneurship really is. Tune in to hear how he journeyed from playing drums in Texas honky-tonks to creating some of the most remarkable typographical illustrations for global brands.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How his dad’s entrepreneurial journey and work ethic shaped Jeff’s future.
  • When he started to realize he didn’t want to be in the music industry forever.
  • How he got into the graphic design scene.
  • The value of humility and being teachable.
  • What his brand is known for.
  • The challenges he’s encountered in working for himself.
  • The importance of pushing ourselves to be the best we can be as entrepreneurs.
  • The first steps Jeff would take if he was starting now.
  • How Jeff has wrestled with the notion of being an entrepreneur and a creative.

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September 22 2020
Jeff Rogers, founder of Howdy Jeff

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