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This week’s featured founder is Jim Hogan,,, co-founder of a program called Socks for Heroes. Jim and his wife Carla started Socks for Heroes after their son, Donald, heroically gave his life in service to his country while deployed to Afghanistan.

Why socks? In the time period that followed the tragedy of losing their son, they spent a lot of time with the Marines who served with him. During each of their conversations with these men, they asked them what they needed the most. Their answer was simple, socks.

So Socks for Heroes does exactly what you would expect. They ship new pairs of socks to U.S. troops that are deployed overseas. They have shipped over 50 tons of socks, hygiene gear, and other essentials to Marine Corps and Army combat Infantry units.

Throughout the month of November, every single episode of The Startup Story is going to feature founders that are Veterans of our Armed Forces. While Jim and Carla are not Veterans, it was their son’s service and sacrifice that became the catalyst for Socks for Heroes and it is a Startup Story that needs to be told.

With that said, this is a story like none we have never told before, so it would make sense that it begins like one has never begun before too. This is Jim Hogan’s startup story.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Socks for Heroes and the Southern California Marine Corp support group is a partnership between Jim and his wife Carla
  • Jim and Carla’s childhood, Jim was raised by his Marine father and his mother worked for the IRS, and Carla’s father was a true example of an entrepreneur
  • The amazing story of how his wife, Carla, and her sister set out to sell some gourmet picnic baskets to fund a trip to Europe, and instead sold $60,000 worth of picnic baskets in one day, leading them to launch a business which was later sold to Aladdin
  • About Jim and Carla’s son Donald, how he went to college for about an hour and then came home to tell his parents he joined the Marine Corps, how much he loved being a Marine, and later getting the devastating news that he was killed by an IED and how the Marines closed in around them to offer support and care
  • The story of how Socks for Heroes actually began and the steps they took to create a 501c
  • About how at the start, they sent 220 pairs of socks overseas and within six-weeks time they shipped 10,000 pairs to Afghanistan
  • How Socks for Heroes is a program within the Southern California Marine Corps support group and several of the missions and projects they serve as part of the group
  • The reason Jim and Carla keep going with their mission, “My son was a Marine and every Marine was my son’s brother. Therefore, they are all our children. That is why we keep going.”
  • How you can help support Jim and Carla’s program, Socks for Heroes, and the other programs served through The Southern California Marine Corps support group

“In this life there are two lines, one to do the work and one to take the credit. Always get in the first line because it’s shorter and you’ll meet better people.” – Jim Hogan, Socks for Heroes

Resources from this episode

Socks for Heroes: http://scmcsg.org/socks-for-heroes/
Email Jim at info@scmcsg.org to see how you can support their mission
The Startup Story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestartupstory/
Vortic Watches: https://vorticwatches.com/pages/military-edition-info

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Special Guest: Jim Hogan.

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November 05 2019
Jim Hogan, co-founder of Socks for Heroes
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