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To reach the success we’ve always dreamed of, we must become obsessed with understanding failure. The key is to analyze every decision we’ve made and outcome we’ve seen and figure out what small step we can take to make it better. Navigating and growing through these troubles will make us stronger.

Keith Nowak knows this better than anyone. He is the co-founder of Ten Thousand, an athletic apparel brand for men. Their approach has not been to create an extensive collection of mediocre products, but to create just a few products that are remarkable in their category. This has contributed to its incredible success. Listen in to hear how he went from aspiring soccer player to crazy successful business owner.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • The upbringing and experiences that ingrained certain ideas, mindsets, and processes into Keith.
  • How being obsessed with failure helped him in the long run.
  • The link between his soccer years and his time at Immersive.
  • How to see the struggle as part of your journey.
  • His journey leading up to Ten Thousand.
  • The first step he took to learn design.
  • How he executed his launch year.
  • The catalyst for the growth he saw in 2019.
  • How he competes in a space with so many big names.
  • The challenges that came with COVID-19 and what it exposed for Ten Thousand.

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August 04 2020
Keith Nowak, founder of Ten Thousand
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