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We launched The Startup Story 12 months ago. Over the course of 53 episodes, we've unpacked the authentic and raw entrepreneurial journeys of founders from all industries and stages of growth. During each journey we pause to reflect on key milestones because they are moments that provide incredibly powerful learnings.

This week’s episode is a bit different than most. In every single episode this year, we ended with our founders speaking directly to you, and giving you some pearls of wisdom that comes from their experience. The final words from our founders have produced change in many lives of our listeners. So for that reason, I thought it would be helpful for me to aggregate some of the final words from past episodes as a way to help you to frame up a new vision for yourself as we head into 2020.

A new year is a new life marker for all of us. So let's hear from some incredibly successful founders and take that momentum into the new year. 2020 is the time to truly start your story. That is the startup story..

In this episode you’ll hear

  • A reminder that there is infinite freedom in life from Paige Robinson
  • Goli Kalkhoran reminds us of the importance of getting quiet and bringing focus within
  • Thoughtful advice from Anna Victoria about what to do when doubting yourself and your abilities
  • Clint Harp shares why perseverance is important to the startup journey
  • We hear why taking a step back from your idea can give you clarity from Emma Rose Cohen
  • And, Zack Swire reminds us about passion and how passion can lead you to the right place and the right path
  • Why raising capital is crucial and how your 9-to-5 job is your first investor, from Scott Paul
  • Steve Glaveski offer budding entrepreneurs advice on assumptions and how to not let them underpin your success
  • Mia Plecic shares an insightful reminder about how our past doesn’t define our future
  • And, Brandon Munoz also offers insight and wisdom on perseverance and how staying the course will eventually lead you to creating “your something”
  • Why networking is so important to any startup journey from Nick Alexander
  • Last, but not least, Michael Littig points out why compassion is key to any endeavor

Resources from this episode

Paige Robinson: https://www.thestartupstory.co/guests/paigerobinson
Goli Kalkhoran: https://www.thestartupstory.co/lessonsfromaquitter
Anna Victoria: https://www.thestartupstory.co/annavictoria
Clint Harp: https://www.thestartupstory.co/clintharp
Emma Rose Cohen: https://www.thestartupstory.co/finalstraw
Zack Swire: https://www.thestartupstory.co/goodgrains
Scott Paul: https://www.thestartupstory.co/scottpaul
Steve Glaveski: https://www.thestartupstory.co/steveglaveski
Mia Plecic: https://www.thestartupstory.co/miaplecic
Brandon Munoz: https://www.thestartupstory.co/monkwoodstudios
Nick Alexander: https://www.thestartupstory.co/yoshi
Michael Littig: https://www.thestartupstory.co/zuckerberginstitute

The Startup Story is now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jamesmckinney
The Startup Story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestartupstory/

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Special Guests: Anna Victoria, Brandon "Monk" Munoz, Clint Harp, Emma Rose Cohen, Goli Kalkhoran, Mia Plecic, Michael Littig, Nick Alexander, Paige Robinson, Scott Paul, Steve Glaveski, and Zack Swire.

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December 31 2019
Key advice from successful entrepreneurs

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