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My guest this week is Matt Barnett, the founder of Bonjoro. Bonjoro is a customer or lead engagement platform like none other. Matt and his team integrate private video messages with your current marketing and funnel strategies.

Imagine this: within minutes of receiving a lead capture form, that lead receives a personalized video from you. Imagine your e-commerce brand utilizing Bonjoro to say hello to an abandoned cart transaction. Think about the increased amount of engagement, brand affinity, and trust that would develop between you--the entrepreneur--and the buyer.

The potential to elevate your brand and your relationship with your clients by using Bonjoro is remarkable. In this episode, the founder of the startup, Matt Barnett, is breaking down the key strategies he used to develop this amazing company. Even beyond that, we’re discussing all of the twists and turns that led Matt to the success he now enjoys.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Some of Matt’s earliest product designs that got him into business.
  • How he put a business plan around his earliest idea and pitched it.
  • What it took to make him realize he wanted to stop running an agency and start doing his own thing.
  • The first technical solution he wanted to create and how he did it.
  • What happened with that startup to make it fall apart.
  • The changes he made in his approach to his second technical solution.
  • What Bonjoro is.
  • How to build Bonjoro out to a SAS solution that can go global.
  • Whether solopreneurs can use Bonjoro as a stand alone solution or by plugging it into a platform.
  • The funding process for Bonjoro.
  • How the lead conversion process works and how Bonjoro can help with it.
  • How Bonjoro works inside of e-commerce.

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January 12 2021
Matt Barnett, founder of Bonjoro

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