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Our guest this week is Mia Plecic. Mia is 27 years old and has started 6 companies all leading her towards her current startup, Her Organics Australia. Her Organics is a subscription service through which women can sign up to have tampons delivered automatically each month. The company, Her Organics, is Mia’s 6th startup and her 5th e-commerce startup. In fact, when she was just 22 years old she launched her first e-commerce product and reached $30,000 in daily revenue within 6 months! However, that success did not come without some very serious challenges, which we discussed in this fascinating episode.

What makes Mia’s story so incredibly unique is that because she is only 27, we can see how the challenges she overcame as a child played such a significant role in her current success. After all, her teen years were only a decade ago! This is Mia Plecic’s startup story. 

In this episode, you will hear

  • How Mia learned about business and leadership and decided that business was where she wanted to be, and how e-commerce came into her life
  • How important it is to believe in yourself and know that with your hard work, things can get better if you believe in your goals and are motivated to go after them
  • How helpful it can be to follow others on social media who have the same goals as you and to recognize that if someone else can do it, so can you
  • That she discovered branding, marketing, and finding a gap in the market are skills at which she is very good, and how those skills led to her early successes
  • About the challenges of going from nothing to $1million in revenue in 6 months and how working with a partner can create huge problems, especially when you are inexperienced
  • A reminder that others go through failure, and you are definitely not alone in those experiences
  • How amazing new ventures can be born after terrible losses
  • The importance of bringing a product to the market that fills a niche
  • Entrepreneurship is not easy, but you must keep on persevering

“I'm never short of an idea. And that's one thing that I pride myself in more than anything is...you can outsource paid marketing, you can outsource branding and marketing, but you cannot buy visionary. And that is my biggest strength...being able to have that ability to visualize a gap in the market or find an everyday product and market it and brand it in a way that targets certain demographic that I want to target or...having the ability to just kind of create a feeling through a product more so than anything else.” –Mia Plecic, Her Organics Australia

Resources from this episode

Connect with Mia on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mia-plecic-33830899
Her Organics Australia website: https://herorganics.com.au/
Her Organics Australia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/her.organics/

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Special Guest: Mia Plecic.

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May 07 2019
Mia Plecic, founder of Her Organics
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