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My guest this week is Michael Werner, founder and CEO of HomeX. Until 2003, Michael served as President and Vice Chariman for his family's 100 year old business, Werner Ladders. The Werner Company continues on today and is now a $1 billion dollar global brand…but Michael has moved on and launched a technology startup within a $500 billion market.

HomeX is the first of its kind home services platform for both homeowners and service providers that is radically improving the complex and fragmented home services industry.

One of the many things that peaked my curiosity about having Michael on the show was that I am just not a handy individual. Despite the fact that I could watch a YouTube video of how to change my garbage disposal I would much rather have an expert walk me through the process, or just do it for me.

Well, that is one of the consumer solutions that HomeX is bringing to the marketplace, direct access to industry experts to guide you through the solution or enable you to hire the expert to come and take care of it for you.

HomeX is truly changing the game for homeowners and service providers. And having just come off a $90 million dollar capital raise, things are about to get very interesting for Michael and the HomeX team.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The importance of reiventing an industry.
  • The nuance of leading a legacy brand.
  • Why global manufacturing is critical to business success.
  • The importance that small business plays to our economy and communities.

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January 04 2022
Michael Werner, founder of HomeX

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