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As entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to think that our story or hardship is so unique that nobody can relate to us. The reality is our stories are far more similar than they are different. We just don't talk about our stories as often as we should.

Our guest this week is MJ Gottlieb, founder of LOOSID. LOOSID is a mobile app that aggregates global offerings for those living a sober lifestyle or are curious about what it means to live a sober lifestyle.

MJ’s story is littered with decision points that brought him to some very low places as he battled through his addiction to alcohol. Yet MJ’s perspective on the many decades of hardship and devastation is one that will empower and encourage every single one of you.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • Why MJ started drinking at an early age.
  • What led MJ to start a degree in Philosophy.
  • How he took a risk and started his first business while in college.
  • How his alcohol and substance abuse led to the creation of LOOSID.
  • How he funded this project.
  • The challenges of recovery and sobriety.
  • How making money is not a purpose.
  • How MJ plans to expand LOOSID outside North America.
  • The lessons he’s learned from failure.

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August 11 2020
MJ Gottlieb, founder of Loosid
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