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This week's featured founder is an entrepreneur who was miserable in his career with the NFL and decided it was time to create a brand that matters. Meet Nate Checketts, co-founder and CEO of Rhone.

Rhone is an activewear brand specifically for men. You may immediately associate Lululemon as a women's brand. Well, that is what Rhone is for men. Apparel is an incredibly hard industry, and what makes Nate's story so fascinating is that he is not a fashion-forward person, nor does he have a long career in the apparel logistics, or any logistics business.

So, are you still wondering why Nate left the NFL to start a men's activewear brand? Of course, we unpack that part of his story in this episode. But, like every episode, we need to start at the beginning to understand how someone might actually find themselves unhappy working for an icon of a brand like the NFL. Here is Nate Checketts' startup story.

In this episode, you'll hear

  • Nate starts our conversation with a profound insight: "We are so easily attached to people's successes that we discount what challenges they're going through or what failures they have."
  • We jump into the Wayback machine and discuss Nate's childhood, including his early desire to be an inventor and how he viewed his father, who was the youngest General Manager in NBA history.
  • How he had no clue what we wanted to do after high school, but he did know that he wanted to prove that he could be successful on his own
  • The story of how Nate wrote a business plan about connecting text messaging to restaurants for people to order; long before he graduated from college.
  • How he pivoted and started his first venture revolving around the sports stadium model.
  • His transition to working for the NFL, running the sponsorship strategy group on new business development
  • Nate's struggle while working at the NFL, feeling miserable and knowing it wasn't the job for him
  • How and when he decided to leave the NFL and the catalyst that led him to launch Rhone
  • Some of the lessons learned from his first startup and how he applied them to the launch of Rhone
  • The start of Rhone including funding, launch strategy and demographics
  • Why Nate believes Rhone can be a billion-dollar brand, but the culture of Rhone must stay rooted in the principals that he founded the company on

"If you look at those who have succeeded in any capacity, their journey is fraught with incredible challenges.” Nate Checketts

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Special Guest: Nate Checketts.

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March 24 2020
Nate Checketts, founder of Rhone

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