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This week I’d like to introduce you to Nick Justicz,, Founder of Gazpacho. No, not the cold soup, a mobile app that “serves up the best of the internet based on your tastes.” The app is what happens if you merge Pandora and Tinder together - swiping action while building up a database of your likes and dislikes, all based on memes. It’s a unique app and incredibly entertaining.

Nick’s background is not in technology, it is in stand-up comedy and film making. As we unpacked Nick’s Startup Story it made sense that his first entrepreneurial endeavor would be such an entertaining one. What I love about Nick’s journey is that it is one that I know many of you will resonate with as he still has a 9-5 job and is building Gazpacho on the side. Another area of relatability is that, like many of you, entrepreneurship was not something he became aware of until much later in his life.

As we recorded his episode, I was incredibly surprised at how similar film making and entrepreneurship really are… this is Nick Justicz’s startup story.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Nick’s early childhood, growing up in upper-middle-class Atlanta, seeing what traditional success looked like (his father was a surgeon)
  • His feeling of never feeling satisfied and yet he had no idea what he wanted to do but did know, with full assurance, what he DID NOT want to do
  • His decision to go to film school and move to L.A., exploring comedy more in-depth and experiencing a bit of culture shock
  • Life after film school, working at Showtime, becoming Pauley Shore’s assistant, and what he learned from working with Pauley
  • The importance of returning favors, expressing gratitude or paying it forward to those who help you at the start of any career or endeavor
  • Moving on to working in new media, losing your passion for the entertainment industry and what happened next
  • Starting Gazpacho, his idea, how it all began and how he continues to build it while working a 9-5 job
  • How the parallels in film making and entrepreneurship are remarkable

“Nobody cares about your idea, they care about whether or not you can execute.” – Nick Justicz, Gazpacho

Resources from this episode

Gazpacho: https://gazpacho.io/
Nick Justicz on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickjusticz/
Pauley Shore: http://www.paulyshore.com/
The Startup Story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestartupstory/
Jason McCann on The Startup Story: https://www.thestartupstory.co/varidesk

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Special Guest: Nick Justicz.

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October 08 2019
Nick Justicz, founder of Gazpacho
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