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This week’s featured founder is Paige Robinson, founder of Will Reed. Will Reed is a recruiting firm that partners with innovative tech companies and VC-backed startups to scale sales organizations and actualize growth strategies. In other words, they hire the best people to help the best people find the best jobs. It became very apparent that her startup story was going to shake up many preset ideas within our entrepreneurial audience and even within me.

Paige’s story is one of perspective, a perspective that I hope will provide strength and freedom to many listening. In this episode, you will hear Paige talk about flexing your moral compass, how there are things you can do legally and there are things that are right and distinguishing between the two. You will also hear us discuss the idea that if you only live with ambition (and nothing more) then you will miss out a lot on the joy and the journey. I hope you find real value in her journey. Here is Paige Robinson’s startup story.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Paige’s childhood, being supported by loving parents and siblings, and when entrepreneurship became a part of her journey
  • How she grew up with a higher risk tolerance than other people her age because she saw that you could bet on an idea and have the potential to lose it all, but if you had your family, it would be okay
  • About how high school was actually her first run-in with failure and deciding whether or not you press on
  • The story of when, not long after graduating college, a VP of a Bank she was interviewing at stopped her mid-sentence and said, “We would crush you.” And how that instance played a role in continuing to direct her path, what it taught her, and why she pressed on
  • About quitting her job in 2012 and evaluating what she wanted to do next
  • The beginnings of her first startup, which was aimed at helping students find a better way to share their full story and help companies better understand the people they are recruiting
  • Her journey as a 25-year-old woman raising money in Texas and learning how to put together a pitch deck for VC capitalists
  • The power of authenticity in leadership
  • Doing what is right in business, both from a moral and legal perspective
  • Paige shares her thoughts on balancing ambition with contentment

“Being forced to have those really hard conversations due to my failed startup taught me the power of authenticity in leadership.”
—Paige Robinson, Will Reed

Resources from this episode

Connect with Paige on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paigesrobinson/
Will Reed website: https://www.willreed.com/

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Special Guest: Paige Robinson.

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July 09 2019
Paige Robinson, founder of Will Reed
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