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This week's episode my guest this week is Renata Bluitt, creator of the “She Did That” platform that produces the “She Did That’ podcast, as well as she, did that documentary, of which Renata was the executive producer.

“She Did That” focuses on telling the stories of brands and businesses that are founded by black female founders. The “She Did That” documentary can currently be found on Netflix, but it's going away soon so try to view it there. But if you don't get there in time you can also be found on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vimeo, and YouTube. It is a remarkable documentary that speaks to some challenging topics that are unique to the black female founder experience. A few of those topics are topics that we get to unpack in good detail on this episode. Topics like whether the consumer behavior of black consumers contributes to the venture capital challenges that black founders face.

But long before she even conceived the idea of the “She Did That” platform, her entrepreneurial journey began in an Indiana funeral home.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Renata shares how she grew up in Indiana, in her family funeral business.
  • As she grew up she saw her the highs and lows of her Grandfather and Father’s entrepreneur journey.
  • When she went to Illinois State University and it was there that she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • Moved to Chicago after college and worked in PR.
  • Started her own PR firm Crush Media where she worked with beauty brands.
  • Started the “In Her Shoes” blog, where she told the stories about many incredible Black Female entrepreneurial stories and gave people the chance to walk the women’s shoes.
  • Renata shares how black female entrepreneurs have fewer opportunities in business but, in particular, with getting Venture Capital.
  • She shares how black-owned businesses are highly supported by the black community.
  • Renata shares how the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs is Black female entrepreneurs.
  • How black women in corporate position are helping younger black women get into those roles.
  • Renata explains that she wanted to create the documentary to tell the Black female narrative.
  • She shares that she started thinking about filming the documentary while she was living in New York and she had people around her to produce the film.
  • Renata explains that they took the documentary on a tour all around the country.
  • She Screened it in Ghana Africa, for a large group of black female entrepreneurs.
  • Renea shares how Ghana is the 2nd largest country for black female entrepreneurs.
  • Renea shares the lack of funding for black owned businesses and what she is doing to stop this.
  • She shares the future of ‘She did that’ platform.

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May 04 2021
Renae Bluitt, Creator & Executive Producer of She Did That

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