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In this episode, I share a new way to move forward with your business in the face of Coronavirus. Every single one of us has been impacted, in some way, by the Coronavirus. In fact, over the past few weeks, it has been at the top of every headline, discussion forum, and even populated most of the social posts we see. The impact of this virus is far-reaching.

Today, I offer a different way of seeing things amidst the disruption. Later, Tiffany Sorya of Novel Education Group joins me. She was our featured founder in Episode 12. When everything hit the fan a few weeks ago, Tiffany reached out to me and said, "James, entrepreneurs, and business owners are having a hard time navigating the challenge of having to homeschool and run a business."

For many of us, one of the precise boundaries in our life is work and family. Yet, there are no clear boundaries these days. Tiffany shared some tactics that can truly help you navigate business and life in these turbulent times. If there is any takeaway I want you to have from this season of disruption is that there is no playbook for us to lean into for lessons and tactics. We are all going through this together for the very first time. Have some grace and empathy for each other, and look for ways to assist others.

In this episode, you'll hear

  • I believe it is in seasons like this that there are massive relational investments to be made that will have long-term dividends once all this chaos subsides.
  • I explain what relational investments might look like in the tactical sense.
  • Your voice is not going to be heard above the noise of the current virus crisis; find new ways to elevate your message.
  • How to navigate working from home alongside your children
  • Some structural homeschooling tactics for parents
  • Considerations for parents of High School Seniors, specifically navigating school closures in their final year (where they'll potentially miss prom, graduation, grad night, and much more)

Resources from this episode

Tiffany Sorya on The Startup Story, Episode 12: https://www.thestartupstory.co/episodes/tiffany-sorya-founder-of-novel-education-group-a
Novel Education Group: https://www.noveleducationgroup.com/covid19
Tiffany on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiffany-sorya-7a4280a4
Follow Tiffany on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiffanysorya

The Startup Story on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thestartupstory
The Startup Story is now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jamesmckinney
The Startup Story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thestartupstory

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Special Guest: Tiffany Sorya.

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March 31 2020
Running a Business During the Coronavirus Crisis

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