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This week I am sharing a Startup Story LIVE session featuring Emma Rose Cohen. In this session, she shares everything she knows about running a successful Kickstarter campaign. Collectively Emma has raised over $2 million across two Kickstarter product campaigns. Her most recent campaign for the FinalWipe launch, even with the challenge of gaining global attention due to a pandemic, exceeded the initial goal in just a few hours of its launch.

Emma Rose Cohen is the founder of FinalStraw. FinalStraw is a collapsible and reusable straw for a sucking alternative that will help reduce plastic waste across the globe. Emma is a Kickstarter genius, and this week I am thrilled to share her Startup Story Live session with you.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • Some of the crowdfunding challenges Emma has experienced and what she learned from them.
  • The tactics and strategies she employed in her successful Kickstarter campaigns.
  • How long it took her from the pre-launch phase to the launch phase of her first campaign.
  • Raising awareness of your Kickstarter campaign, including getting press coverage and more.
  • Some additional strategies people who are looking to drive traffic to the platform can employ.
  • Questions to keep in mind when preparing to launch and then later to run your campaign: "Why do people need this?" "What is the advantage of this product over, everything else that exists?" "And why should they trust you?"
  • Keeping backers of your Kickstarter campaign engaged and the product fulfillment process.
  • Emma's for creating significant video elements for the best conversion

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Special Guest: Emma Rose Cohen.

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June 16 2020
Startup Story LIVE: Emma Rose Cohen
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