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As everyone pulls back on marketing amidst the COVID crisis, e-commerce businesses are actually making forward progress more than ever before. Businesses do not have to get caught standing on the sidelines. Erik Huberman knows this weel as he’s seen it first-hand with many of his clients.

Erik is the founder of Hawke Media, a full service outsourced CMO agency in Santa Monica, California. Hawke Media launched in 2014 and has since been valued at $60 million. In that time, Erik and his company have also served over 400 brands. Tune in to hear how he has helped some businesses see a 200% increase in business despite the economic chaos that we find ourselves in.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • How Hawke Media responded when COVID-19 first hit.
  • Why businesses should not just shut down but see this time as an opportunity to acquire new customers.
  • The importance of acting according to data, not emotion.
  • How to increase your business right now by pivoting online.
  • How to approach initial customer acquisition efforts.
  • The role of nurturing in advertising.
  • What the cycle of coming up with an e-commerce solution from ground zero to making revenue looks like.
  • How partnerships are being worked in a D2C space.

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July 28 2020
Startup Story LIVE: Erik Huberman
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