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Complacency is dangerous. It has the ability to destroy entrepreneurship. Businesses must be constantly innovating and never settling for stability if they are going to continue growing. As brands start to come up with new ideas, they will encounter resistance. The key is to keep on pushing and never give up.

Jason McCann is an entrepreneur who has experienced this first-hand. He is the founder of Very, a company that transforms cultures through workspace innovation. The name of his premier product Vera Desk has become the standard name for any desk we see. Since the first launch, they have shipped to over 130 countries that can be found, elevating 98% of the Fortune 500. In today’s episode, we sit down and talk about the challenges he has overcome to get his brand to where it is today.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • Why Jason felt the need to rebrand Very.
  • Whether now is a good time to innovate or to seek stability.
  • His predictions for how brands will operate post-COVID.
  • How to maintain a company culture in a distributed workspace.
  • How he got his very first customers.
  • Potential service and product opportunities coming out of this season.
  • Book recommendations for those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Jason’s initial pricing strategy.
  • Tools and resources to use for customer feedback.

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Special Guest: Jason McCann.

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July 14 2020
Startup Story LIVE: Jason McCann
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