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This week we’d like to introduce you to Steve Glaveski, CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus and author of Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work that Matters. Unlike some of the past founders we’ve featured so far on this podcast, Steve had zero aspirations to be an entrepreneur growing up and spent his 20’s navigating the corporate hallways of some of the largest firms in Australia and internationally.

Today through his company Collective Campus, he focuses on helping large organizations tap into the latent potential that is present within their organization. Why, you ask? Well, Steve spent his 20’s as an employee where he met some incredibly intelligent people that had so much more capacity beyond their utilization. He realized that by taking untapped potential and magnifying it by an employee base of thousands, there was a goldmine of potential for organizations.

In this episode, you will hear from Steve about how critical it is to utilize your early adulthood as a season of learning and exploring. You will also hear about some missteps many people take when they make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. And, you'll realize just how tainted our thinking can be about entrepreneurship. Steve's story is one that did not begin with an entrepreneurial background, but instead with an incredibly hard-working immigrant upbringing that set the foundation for what was to come. This is Steve and his startup story.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • Steve’s early life and upbringing in Australia and how creative energy always had a place in Steve’s life
  • His need to be at the top of his class or above average in everything he did, followed by the hard experience of being fired
  • Running on autopilot and then being forced to reflect on what he was actually good at, his strengths, and what he wanted to do
  • Stepping out of self-doubt and picking a different path, how he went from completing a Master’s Degree in Accounting to hustling his way into working for corporations like Ernst and Young and KPMG
  • Developing a healthy relationship with rejection and how rejection is key to being an entrepreneur
  • What it was like when the idea to be an entrepreneur came into view, his first glance at what things could be, how paralysis analysis held him back and led him to manage a heavy metal nightclub instead
  • About the catalyst that pushed Steve to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur
  • Working with corporate mindset in a startup environment and launching and growing Collective Campus
  • Startup Lessons: destructive mindsets, imposter syndrome, and how serendipity can sometimes offer a little bit of magic
  • Steve offers some words of advice for the frustrated, reluctant, or defeated entrepreneur

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Collective Campus
Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work that Matters, Steve Glaveski
Connect with Steve Glaveski on LinkedIn
Give and Take, Adam Grant
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

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Special Guest: Steve Glaveski.

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February 05 2019
Steve Glaveski, founder of Collective Campus & author of Employee to Entrepreneur

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