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Whenever I’m asked which episode of The Startup Story has been my favorite, I truly can’t give an answer. I enjoy every single episode because of how much value every entrepreneur brings to the table and how much I learn from them. However, if I were to be asked which episode stands out the most in my mind, it would have to be one of my earliest episodes: my interview with Brandon “Monk” Muñoz from Monkwood Studios.

Out of all of the interviews I’ve held, I’ve only hosted two founders who were woodworkers. Brandon is one of them. His episode stands out because of how incredibly eclectic his entrepreneurial journey has been.

Brandon was both extremely transparent and vulnerable about his story and amazing at telling it. He explains how both he and his startup, Monkwood Studios, got to where they are today. If you want to learn from a talented and hilarious entrepreneur, tune into this conversation with Brandon “Monk” Muñoz.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Brandon got into woodworking as a kid.
  • The mentor and friend that taught him how to build furniture.
  • Why he was inspired to go out on his own.
  • How much he failed and learned from his mistakes at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.
  • Why how you make something is more important than what you make.
  • Brandon’s experience doing ministry in London and building the unique startup of a church.
  • Why he became an entrepreneur by need, not by choice.
  • How he finally niched his business down and began specializing in wooden desks.
  • The connection he feels with the people who purchase his desks.
  • The risk all creative entrepreneurs have to take.

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December 28 2021
TOP EPISODE: Brandon Muñoz, founder of Monkwood Studios

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