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Childhood dreams don’t always pan out the way we thought they would. Many future business-owners don’t envision a life of entrepreneurship for themselves. Instead, they have dreams of being in careers that have nothing to do with business. It is not until something sparks the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey that they even consider that possibility. This was certainly the case for Victoria Alonsoperez.

Victoria is the founder of Chipsafer. Chipsafer is a platform that can track and detect anomalies in livestock behavior at any time and in any place. The goal of Chipsafer is to isolate any issues and eliminate catastrophic loss due to illness or disease. In 2001, Victoria’s home country, Uruguay, was hit with an agricultural event that destroyed much of the country’s livestock industry. As a child, she couldn’t solve the problem then and there, but it eventually became the catalyst for the birth of Chipsafer. Today, Victoria shares with us all of the details of her startup story.

In this episode, you'll hear.

  • Victoria’s dreams of being in the aerospace industry and how she eventually transitioned into entrepreneurship.
  • How she “accidentally fell” into a successful company by winning a contest.
  • Her next steps after winning the business contest.
  • The funding vehicles that helped her set up her infrastructure and start manufacturing.
  • What Chipsafer is and how it operates today.
  • The biggest challenges Victoria has faced in business.
  • Her struggle with self-doubt.
  • How and why she has located the company in Singapore.

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August 25 2020
Victoria Alonsoperez, founder of Chipsafer
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