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In today’s episode you will hear the startup story of Zach Knickerbocker, Founder of 14th Floor Apparel. He’s an Amazon reseller who is very early in his startup journey. While we’ve shared the stories of several founders who have been in business for many years, we also wanted to be sure to share with you startup stories of guests who are still in the thick of the startup process. In the trenches, so to speak, still building their dreams as a side hustle. And that is exactly what Zach is doing, he is building his dream.

Zach discovered a successful way to make money on Amazon, and let’s be clear, there are many avenues on which you can do this. Zach found a process that works for his business model, which was quite impressive. But what I find most impressive about Zach's story is not that he's achieving some level of success with his brand, instead, it is that he implemented systems into his life to help make his dream a reality; all of this despite his battle with anxiety.

Where are you in your journey? Do you have a notebook full of ideas that you want to build upon? Do you feel anxious or scared whenever you think about pursuing your dreams? Well, maybe Zach's story of his early stage startup is one you (or someone in your network) needs to hear right now.  That is why I welcome you to sit back and listen to Zach Knickerbocker’s startup story.

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Special Guest: Zach Knickerbocker.

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January 29 2019
Zach Knickerbocker, founder of 14th Floor Apparel

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