Barry Stiles

Special guest

Barry Stiles is the founder of TRUEGRID Pavers, an engineer, a dad, a serial inventor, and cancer survivor.

TRUEGRID Pavers are the 100% permeable paving alternative to concrete and asphalt. Designed to combat flooding, handle heavy trucks and traffic, and provide 100% pervious cover, our system absorbs storm water instantly and detains water below the surface. Our mission is to give developers, engineers and architects green paving solutions to build a safer, cleaner, toxin free environment for our kids.

TRUEGRID installations are in millions of square feet across the globe in low impact developments from driveways through multi-acre commercial and industrial parking lots and the resulting positive environmental impact. TRUEGRID is a green, permeable paving building block system for the real world, made in the USA from 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic and filled with gravel or grass for a natural aesthetic.

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