Brandon "Monk" Munoz

Special guest

Brandon Monk Muñoz is an wood based artist in Fullerton, CA. His nickname, Monk was given to him by his friends when I was 13. They used to say he looked like a flying monkey whenever he would go off of a dirt jump or some sketchy ramp he built. It started as an insult, but he learned to embrace it as the years went by. It only seemed fitting to call his woodworking business Monkwood.

He builds uniquely designed custom studio desks and dining tables for people looking for something unique and timeless they will one day pass on to others. He also made limited edition pieces, such as a modern confessional for a local church.

Brandon will soon be releasing sculptural artwork formed from his extensive collection of very peculiar woods as well as paintings created from the worktops employed in the building of furniture.

Brandon loves the process of meeting each client’s specific needs and aspirations while aiming to create work that will last generations and only get more beautiful with age and use. He starts each day playing guitar, and enjoys deep and inspiring conversations over a good beer and exploring life's twists and turns with his wife Pamela and his 4 crazy children.

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