Chad Phillips

Special guest

Chad Phillips is the co-owner of Highpoint Brewing Company. He was born and raised in Glendora, CA and the oldest of three. He attended college at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona from 2004-2010 in the Mechanical Engineering program. While in college he started an internship at Hirel Connectors, Inc. and was hired full time after finishing school. From 2011-2015 he worked as the engineering manager and helped grow the company into new opportunities such as the interconnect system for the Orion Space Program. After suffering from migraines starting in 2015 he decided that he needed a change of pace and decided to open a brewery with his friend Dominic Torres.

His passion for brewing started from a passion for welding. He had a family friend who mentioned that he needed a frame welded for home brewing and that he would teach Chad how to home brew. After learning from him Chad welded his first brew stand that lasted nearly ten years before he decided to open the brewery and upgrade to a more hands free system for small batches. This would allow Chad to brew large batches for the business and brew small test batches simultaneously.

Using what Chad had learned from his father and grandfather about business and from his experience in the engineering field he embarked on opening Highpoint Brewing Company.

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