Danielle Salinas

Special guest

Danielle Salinas is the Co-Founder and Co-Designer of Maison de Papillon, a luxury ready-to-wear clothing brand for women. Maison de Papillon’s collection of elevated essentials is designed for the modern woman who desires chicness without sacrificing ease and versatility.

Raised in South Texas, Danielle’s career path was certainly unconventional. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit motivated her from a young, single mother of humble beginnings and served as the catalyst for her first career step into the world of advertising. As she launched herself into this industry, she found her passion for business in working with entrepreneurs. Soon, she gained the confidence that allowed her to build a successful dental practice with her then-husband.

As a woman on-the-go who craves simplicity and ease, Danielle noticed a void in the loungewear, ready-to-wear segment of the fashion industry. Ambitiously, she applied to Parson School of Design where Danielle met her now business partner Shriya Misra. Sharing a passion for luxury and versatility, these two women created Maison De Papillon.

Today, you can find Maison de Papillon in over 200 of the best hotels and luxury boutiques in the world.

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