Eva Gerrits

Special guest

Eva Gerrits is the CEO and Co-founder of Energetek, an energy brokerage and consultant company that is also focused on renewable alternatives. Energetek specializes in cost-containment and energy procurement for mid to large companies with a heavy focus on manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors. Eva’s goal is to encourage business owners to take a different approach to their energy spend and work with an expert who can offer creative and competitive solutions.

Eva is self-taught and solution-oriented. She doesn't believe in missing out on opportunities which is why in 2009, she took a week work offer at a small-town Dutch bakery in Ootmarsum; because who else can say they did? She went on to graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior. With a drive to lead and hunger for knowledge, Eva gained experience in the energy and environmental world by working with a solar then GIS company.

In the 2 years leading up to the launch of Energetek, Eva headed the commercial energy department at her previous company. Realizing their potential and aware of the constant roadblocks within their current employment, Eva and her co-worker Kristin DeBias, decided to go into business together. Now, every day is an adventure. You can find the founders of Energetek at any manufacturing plant, oil refinery, or factory west of the Delaware River.

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