Goli Kalkhoran

Special guest

Goli Kalkhoran is the founder of Usie Booth, a company that provides a unique, modern approach to photobooths. With sleek, minimalist hardware and beautiful, user-friendly software, Usie Booth ensures all of the fun of a photobooth experience at a fraction of the cost. Usie Booth specializes in manufacturing, leasing, and renting the booths for a wide variety of events.

Prior to starting Usie Booth, Goli worked as an attorney for a number of years. After graduating from UC Berkeley Law School, she worked at a large, international law firm as a civil litigator and then went on to work as a federal public defender.

In addition to her business, Goli hosts a podcast called Lessons from a Quitter, where she interviews inspiring guests about how they quit lucrative careers to forge their own path and create a life that they love.

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