James Fratzke

Special guest

Fratzke Media is a digital marketing consultancy based in Southern California founded by twin brothers James and Ryan Fratzke. James and Ryan have worked with over 40 of the biggest brands in retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, construction, entertainment, and more. After consulting with clients from San Francisco to Bentonville, Arkansas - James and Ryan realized that every business, whether well-known or just getting started, can transform with a principles-based approach to Digital Marketing.

Although Frazke Media is James and Ryan's latest venture, it's not their first. At 13, the twin brothers started mowing lawns, at 16, they were painting fences and landscaping, and at 18, they capitalized on Black Friday with a graphic design company at their local mall.

Their career began in Special Events Marketing at the Disneyland Resort. After nearly four years with the company, they accepted roles as Strategic Account Managers at Brandify, a digital marketing technology company in Orange County. Both twins served Fortune 500 brands like Walmart, Advance Auto Parts, Patagonia and Disney Stores. During their tenure, they became the highest grossing account managers in the company's twenty-year history.

James and Ryan soon discovered their passion to provide outstanding service and data-driven strategies to help brands tell their stories across the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing. That's how Fratzke Media was born - out of a deep desire to help businesses grow.

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