Mia Plecic

Special guest

Mia Plecic is arguably one of Australia's most successful up and coming entrepreneurs. Mia has paved her way through he entrepreneurial journey having founded 6 startups in just 3 short years.

Mia prides herself in her ability to see a gap in the market and to be able to create a tangible product, branding and marketed it in a way that manipulates her target demographic emotionally.
In 2014, at age 23, with just $100 to her name, Mia Founded her first company, Pearly Whites Australia (PWA) within 12 hours of the idea sprouting in her mind.

Mia has no fear when it comes to business with her all in or nothing attitude. Being one of the first in home teeth whitening kits on the market, Mia quickly filled the gap and was distributing teeth whitening kits all over the world, seeing high profile celebrities catching onto her trend and using her products. Within 6 months, Mia had turned over $1.5 million dollars in sales and sold over 500,000 teeth whitening treatments in her first financial year.

Mia was hit with a "business backhand" when she found herself in a situation where she had lost her directorship to an unlawful new investor, after not being properly protected in her business, and had to learn the hard way. Mia was left with nothing but was able to get up, brush herself off and start again.

Soon after Mia sold her shares in Pearly Whites Australia with no restriction of trade, she decided to set up another teeth whitening company but this time more directed to the Asian market.
Through her clever branding and marketing skills Bondi Smile was born.

Fast forward 3 years and Mia has now started and sold 5 E-commerce businesses

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