RT Custer

Special guest

R.T. Custer grew up on a small Christmas Tree Farm between Lancaster and Reading Pennsylvania. He helped with the family business as he is an only child and will inherit the farm someday. He studied Industrial Engineering at Penn State before taking a full time job with Walmart Logistics Engineering and moving with that job to Fort Collins, Colorado. During school his friend Tyler and he had a great idea on a golf course and decided to start a watch company. Tyler ran Vortic Watch Company from the pair’s basement for 2 years while R.T. worked his corporate job. In 2016, R.T. joined Tyler full time with Vortic and they’ve been manufacturing one of the only truly American made watches in their workshop since. The Vortic team, now 6 people strong, continuously sells more watches than they can make and plan to grow the company organically as long as they can!

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