Zack Swire

Special guest

Zack Swire is serial/cereal entrepreneur. He has built several companies, including SWIRE, a marketing firm; eGood, a social impact payment and loyalty company; and he's presently the Co-Founder and CEO of Good Grains. Zack has also consulted with multiple community and social impact organizations, including Shop With a Mission and Sevenly. He's also on the board of and helped launch a church called Real Life Los Angeles.

In his career, Zack has encountered both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and corporate leadership. He is committed to applying vital lessons learned to his current work, as well as balancing a rewarding (and busy) family life. Zack and his wife, Gwen, are parents to 11-year-old triplets. It's all a journey Zack is happy to share.

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